Rates & Charges
New T-Hangar: $300.00, $325.00 or $350.00 (according to the size) per month for an annual lease agreement.
Original T-Hangar $275.00 per month for annual lease agreement.
Storage Facility: $660 per year or $55 per month for 1 year agreement
Land Lease Rate: $0.18 per square foot (annually)
Facility Lease Rate: $3.14 per square foot (annually)
Substandard facility lease rate: $0.79-$3.14 per square foot (annually)
Landing Fees: No Charge
Business Permit: No Charge
Long Term Secure Parking: $375.00 annually.
Terminal Space Lease Rate $25.00 per SF. (Percentage of Common Space added to direct lease space)